Private Equity Management, Simplified

The platform for funds, limited partners, and portfolio companies to connect, report, and generate sustainable value with deep insights.

Connect your value chain
Seamless interactions between private equity shareholders, companies, and service providers.​
Generate deep insights
Sophisticated, automated reporting makes it easy to identify opportunities, risks, and trends.​
Secure sustainable returns
Good corporate governance ensures high performance and access to capital.​
private equity investor relations management platform
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For companies ...

Build strong investor relations to access more liquidity

Engage private equity investors, attract funding, and report with high-quality newsletters, digital events, and virtual data rooms.

For investors ...

Generate sustainable returns with sophisticated reporting

Identify portfolio opportunities and build strong limited partner relationships with analytics, automated reporting, and an LP dashboard.

Strengthen Limited Partner relationships with enhanced reporting

White-labeled LP dashboard delivers fund metrics, portfolio company data, and fund updates.

Interactive charts make it easy for LPs to engage and understand your value-added.

Boost connectivity and demonstrate your commitment to proactive investor relations.

Identify Portfolio and Pipeline Opportunities

Rich data on company performance, governance, and capital tables help you identify opportunities and protect shareholder rights.

Portfolio and pipeline level analytics provide deep insights on trends, capital allocation and returns.

Stay ahead of the curve and allocate more resources for value creation.

Operate Effectively and Deliver on Commitments

Dashboards, document library, and digital events help staff and committees perform effectively.

Seamless integration of professional service providers enables real-time collaboration.

Smart automation helps scale your operations and free up time for value creation.

“Our relationship with investors is the strongest it has been in 13 years”

Series D, DeepTech company, USA

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