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The platform for private companies and shareholders to connect, report and generate sustainable value with good governance.

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Private Companies

Attract funding, boost valuation, and maintain control with corporate governance and administration solutions.

Private Equity Shareholders

Maximize returns, reduce risk, and demonstrate ESG credentials with portfolio management, fund governance and Limited Partner Dashboards.

Professional Service Providers

Structure, enrich, and scale your client services with real-time collaboration, document sharing and Digital Events.

Shareholder Use Cases

Portfolio Management

Track fund allocations and co-investments to maximize returns with Intuitive Dashboards, automated Company Information, and Portfolio Analytics.

Fund Governance

Manage data, tasks and communication in a secure platform to demonstrate ESG credentials with a Board Portal, Fund Analytics, and intuitive Dashboards.

Limited Partner Dashboard

Provide insights and build strong relationships with Limited Partners using a customized, white-labelled Dashboard.

Private Company Use Cases

Investor Relations

Enhance data flows and investor engagements with regular, high-quality Newsletters, IR Releases and Digital Events.

Corporate Administration

Streamline administration with a Document Library, Cap Table Reporting and professional service provider collaboration.

Corporate Governance

Build good governance with a Board Portal, INEDs and Corporate Governance Rating that demonstrates your commitment to investors.

ESG Investing

Good Governance creates sustainable profitability and high ethical standards

Governance is the most important element of ESG and impacts investor, client and talent decisions.

Building and maintaining good governance has been slow and expensive, until now.

Eurostep Digital connects companies and their shareholders, aligning resources on sustainable performance, and making it easy to demonstrate compliance with ESG commitments.

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