Digital Fund Governance

Digital Fund Governance

Deliver on commitments and build ESG credentials with a Board Portal, Fund Analytics, and intuitive Dashboards.

Venture Capital Fund Dashboard

Effective Fund Management

Intuitive Dashboards help management and committees perform key investment and governance tasks.

Workflow and collaboration tools make it easy to access data, perform tasks, and integrate professional service providers.

Private Equity Fund Analytics

Deliver Sustainable Returns

Graphics and analytics provide deep insights into fund, shareholder, and portfolio-level data.

Track sums (committed/drawn), capital accounts, returns, and customized analytics to focus on performance.

Private Equity Fund Board Portal

Enhance Board Effectiveness

Boards must ensure a fund operates in the best interests of its investors and delivers on prospectus commitments.

Board Portal makes it easy for directors to circulate agendas and board packs, host digital events, and track progress.

Generate Sustainable Returns

Scale Resources

Streamline management and reporting with smart workflow, and collaboration tools.

Maximize Returns

Focus on performance with an effective board, efficient committees, and deeper insights.

ESG Credentials

Demonstrate good governance and high ethical standards across the value chain.

Build ESG Credentials Today