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Streamline corporate governance across your portfolio companies to maximize returns, reduce risk and demonstrate ESG credentials.

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Digital Reporting

Investor Dashboard connects you with portfolio companies to increase visibility and simplify management.

Newsletters and IR Releases with high-quality summaries of metrics, milestones and governance.

Digital Events to manage the lifecycle of webinars, now with Zoom and Teams integrations.

Document Library to secure data from your portfolio companies in a single location for easy follow-up.

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Corporate Actions​

Shareholder Meetings to provide alerts for AGMs and EGMs.

Digital Bulletins provide data and notifications for upcoming votes and capital events.

Permissioned Blockchain time stamps corporate actions to protect shareholder rights with Integrity.

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Investor Trust - INED

Independent Non-Executive Directors

Integrity Partners with industry associations, providing easy access to curated experts.

INED Advise provides specialized insights to your portfolio companies on a one-off basis.

INED Board appoints INED for ongoing objective guidance that protects shareholder rights.


Corporate Governance Rating

Rating scale to confirm the governance strength of your portfolio companies.

ESG Compliance to meet high standards and build sustainable value.

Demonstrate ESG credentials to attract Limited Partners and co-investors with Integrity.

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Journey with Integrity​

Attract Funding

Demonstrate ESG credentials to attract Limited Partners and co-investors.

Enhance Origination

Require companies to demonstrate good governance, reducing risk and streamlining due diligence.

Scale Resources

Data-driven governance improves portfolio management and protects shareholder rights.

Boost Valuations

Align stakeholders and focus resources on active value creation.

Unleash Liquidity

Good governance supports easier monetization of positions.

ESG is Here

Growing regulation, cap table complexity and shifting market trends make ESG a necessity. Companies struggle to deliver good governance, the most critical component of sustainability.

The good news? Digitalization enables shareholders to streamline due diligence and follow-up with a steady stream of high-quality data from investments.

Leverage your ESG credentials and seize new opportunities with Integrity.

Who We Serve

75% of start-ups fail before their ideas get off the ground. Integrity reduces risk by testing corporate governance during due diligence and creates more time for hands-on value creation with your portfolio companies.
Managing portfolios is resource intensive. Integrity ensures a steady stream of high-quality data, making it easier for you to follow-up and protect your rights.

Innovation must be matched with sustainability.  Integrity  builds corporate governance capability in start-ups, allowing them to access funding and build resilience through strong ESG credentials.

A failure rate of 75% on early-stage investing is not sustainable in the ESG era. Integrity tests corporate governance during due diligence and builds resilient portfolio companies with access to capital.
High financial performance must align with ethical standards. Integrity creates good corporate governance, focusing resources on sustainable profitability and supporting smooth pathways to exit.

Limited Partners demand ESG standards and greater involvement with their investments. Integrity ensures active engagement and high-quality data from direct investments.

Leverage in private equity creates complex claims on assets. Integrity improves portfolio transparency, enabling you to streamline management and provide additional support.

Streamline your Corporate Governance today