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Streamline portfolio management, improve corporate governance and maximize returns with Eurostep Digital, the platform that builds ESG credentials.

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Build ESG Credentials Across the Value Chain

Private Equity Portfolio Management

Maximize Returns

It’s difficult to identify opportunities, follow up, and add value as your portfolio grows.

Intuitive Dashboards, Company Information, and Portfolio Analytics make it easy to manage your investments and make informed decisions.

Fund Governance Platform

Deliver on Commitments

Private market investors must perform in an environment of increased complexity and compliance.

Demonstrate ESG credentials with a Document Library, Digital Events and Board Portal that focus you on performance and protect shareholder interests.

Limited Partners Dashboard

Boost Shareholder Relations

Limited Partners demand transparency, value and greater involvement with their investments.

Build strong relationships with a Limited Partners Dashboard that connects and provides insight on fund allocations and co-investments.

Maximize Returns with Good Governance

Scale Resources

Data-driven governance provides deep insights and focuses resources on the best opportunities.

Boost Returns

Ensure sustainable returns by reducing risk and enhancing focus on performance delivery.

Protect Rights

Good governance protects shareholder rights and makes it easier to unleash liquidity.

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