Corporate Administration

Corporate Administration

Increase effectiveness with a Document Library, Capital Table Reporting and professional Service Provider collaboration.

Document Library and Virtual Data Room

Secure and Share Corporate Data

Critical data is increasingly spread across disparate systems, making it difficult to locate, verify and secure.

Document Library provides centralized management and simple sharing with colleagues, investors and service providers. Strong controls and audit trail ensure good data governance.

Equity Management for Private Companies

Share Register and Cap Table Reporting

As capital tables become complex, accurate reporting of share capital and options is essential to protect shareholder rights.

Simplify equity management with an integrated share register, investor contacts, and cap table reporting that save time and reduce errors.

Professional Service Provider Solution

Integrate Trusted Partners

Start-ups and SMEs rely on professional service providers to provide expertise and data for critical tasks.

Communicate and share documents in real-time with auditors, lawyers, registrars and IR consultants to make collaboration fast and effective.

Streamline Corporate Administration

Save Time

Streamline how you manage critical data and tasks to create more time for value creation.

Enhance Communication

Ensure data is at your fingertips and easy to share with colleagues, investors and professional service providers.

Reduce Risk

Centralized management with strong controls and audit trail reduce the risk of administration errors and data leaks.

Make Time for Value Creation