We Protect Shareholder Interests

We Protect Shareholder Interests

Business Angels

90% of start-ups fail in the first 5 years. Eurostep Digital provides cost-effective software to connect Angels to their portfolio, increasing transparency and collaboration.

Family Offices

Balancing scarce resources with increased business complexity is a challenge. Eurostep Digital helps Family Offices to streamline management of direct investments and Private Equity fund allocations.

Venture Capital

Innovation is essential but early-stage investing is risky. Eurostep Digital helps Venture Capital funds and Corporate Venture Capital to improve due diligence and build resilient portfolio companies with high investability.

Private Equity

Financial performance must align with ethical standards. Eurostep Digital improves governance at fund and portfolio company level, focusing resources on sustainable value creation and faster pathways to exit.

Limited Partners (LPs)

LPs demand ESG standards and greater involvement with their investments. Eurostep Digital delivers high-quality data and tangible corporate governance credentials that protect shareholder interests.

Investment Syndicates

Pooling investors creates scale but also administration. Eurostep Digital helps Syndicate Managers to improve reporting to investors and streamline management of portfolio companies.
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