Limited Partners Dashboard

LP Dashboard

Build strong relationships with your limited partners using white-labeled Dashboards that boost connectivity and provide insights.

Software for Private Equity Reporting

Branded Investor Dashboard

LPs demand greater transparency and involvement with their investments.

Impress investors with a customized, read-only Dashboard that provides secure access to fund data and documents.

Private Equity Reporting Template

Customizable Fund Insights

Provide capital, valuation, and distribution metrics to give LPs summaries on the fund and its portfolio companies.

Interactive charts make it easy for investors to understand your performance and value added.

Limited Partner Reporting

Easy Investor Relations

Provide Quarterly updates, Annual reports, and Portfolio Company summaries to build confidence.

Integrated investor contacts and documents ensure fast and accurate communication by the fund or your professional service provider.

Generate Sustainable Returns

Scale Resources

Streamline LP management with automated reporting and integrated contacts.

Strong Relations

Demonstrate alignment with investors as you deliver on your commitments.

Fund Marketing

Attract limited partners using ESG credentials and digital connectivity.

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