Corporate Governance

Good Governance

Focus and deliver sustainable profitability with a Board Portal, INEDs and Corporate Governance Rating.

Board Portal Software

Enhance Board Effectiveness

Boards are critical to ensuring your company meets its strategic goals and complies with ESG obligations.

Circulate agendas and board packs, host digital events and track progress to make it easy for directors and maximize board contribution.

Independent Non Executive Director Solutions

Access Corporate Governance Expertise

INEDs provide objective expertise which enhance decision making and build investor confidence in your board.

Access curated experts via our industry association partners and enhance INED contribution with smooth digital engagement.

Corporate Governance Rating

Demonstrate ESG Credentials

Governance is the most important element of ESG, creating sustainable profitability and high ethical standards.

Optimize your corporate governance strategy and enrich reporting with our eight-point rating that builds investor confidence.

Boost Investability and Valuation

Attract Funding

Good governance differentiates you with investors, making it easier to access venture capital and private equity funding.

Drive Performance

Enhanced decision making and clear objectives align stakeholders and resources on value creation.

Boost Valuation

Sustainable profitability and lower risk maximize your valuation, increasing liquidity and strategic options.

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