Eurostep Digital is developing a unique platform to revolutionise the European Private Equity market

Eurostep Digital platform - new ecosystem
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Who We Help

Private Companies

We help companies to better interact with shareholders and investors through enhanced corporate governance boosting their valuation


We help angel investors, VCs, PE funds, family offices, institutional investors, founders and management exit at the time of their choosing

Institutional Investors

We create a new private equity eco-system to enable institutional investors to become private company stakeholders at significantly lower risk

What We Do


Augmenting human expertise with the latest advances in data science to create new information frontiers which maximise value creation
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Corporate Governance

Effective corporate governance framework eliminates information asymmetry among stakeholders and creates a regular flow of reliable information
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Liquidity Solution

A regulated private exchange allows informed buyers and sellers to trade private company participations in a trustworthy ecosystem
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How We Deliver

Financial Expertise

Eurostep Digital benefits from a highly qualified team with decades of global experience in private company investing, capital markets and investor relations

Digital Leadership

Solutions are delivered via a secure, efficient platform which utilises the latest advances in machine learning and blockchain technology

Smart Innovation

We solve critical issues in private equity by applying creative thinking within a rigorous, client-led validation process

Eurostep Digital platform - new ecosystem
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Welcome to a new dawn in private company investing