About Us

Who We Help

Private Companies

Start-ups, SMEs and Large Caps improve their corporate governance to engage investors, raise funding, and boost valuation.


Angels, Family Offices, CVC, Venture Capital funds, Private Equity funds and Limited Partners improve due diligence and follow-up to maximize returns, reduce risk and demonstrate ESG  credentials.

Service Providers

Accountants, Auditors Lawyers, IR Consultants, General Partners and Incubators structure and enrich their engagements and enhance client ESG capabilities.

What We Do

Company Information

Embrace the ‘new norm’ of digital communication with a range of features for engagement between companies, shareholders and service providers.

Corporate Actions

Simplify management of mandatory and voluntary events to ensure accuracy and auditability, now with Zoom and Teams integrations.


Easy access to corporate governance experts providing objective guidance and protecting shareholder rights.

Governance Rating

Report corporate governance benchmarks to strengthen ESG credentials and access funding.

How We Deliver

Digital Leadership

The Integrity Platform uses the latest in A.I. to deliver data-driven corporate governance services secured by the Blockchain.

Value Driven

Our team benefits from extensive experience in global capital markets and entrepreneurship, ensuring we deliver what shareholders and companies value.

Focused Innovation

We innovate at the intersect of Digital and ESG to solve critical issues in global private equity.

Some of our partners
Isabelle Proust
Charles Henri Hirsch
Marat Saddarov
Integrity Matters

Commitment meets Experience.

Our team benefits from extensive experience in global capital markets, entrepreneurship, corporate governance and technology.

Build Sustainability with Integrity