About Us

Eurostep Digital is a platform for private equity shareholders, by shareholders.

In 2019 our founders set out to revolutionise private company investing. Companies often lack corporate governance expertise and management time, making growth and investor relations difficult. Shareholders suffer from asymmetry of information, complex capital tables, and long holding periods, which results in high failure rates, low visibility on valuation and poor liquidity.

The solution? A digital platform that connects shareholders and companies, making it easy to share reliable data, demonstrate good governance, and build strong relationships. Companies comply and fundraise better; Shareholders enhance visibility and protect their rights; both parties benefit from higher liquidity at better valuation.

In 2020 we launched our platform and are proud to support a growing number of companies and private equity investors as we deliver on our vision of sustainable private markets.

Why Now?

Private Markets

Venture capital, private equity and alternative investing booms to record levels.


Good governance is a prerequisite for funding in private markets.


Rapid digitalisation creates new capabilities and Opportunities.

How We Deliver

Digital Leadership

We utilize advances in AI, data analytics, and permissioned blockchain to create a new era.

Value Driven

Our team benefits from extensive experience in global capital markets and entrepreneurship, ensuring we deliver what shareholders and companies value.

Focused Innovation

We innovate at the intersect of Digital and ESG to solve critical issues in private company investing.

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Commitment meets Experience.

Our team benefits from extensive experience in global capital markets, entrepreneurship, corporate governance and technology.

Build Sustainability with Integrity