Effective Board Management

Effective Board Management

Enable high performance with a Board portal that makes it easy for directors and company secretaries to contribute

Features at a Glance

Host physical, hybrid, and digital meetings using Teams and Zoom integrations.
Director Diary
Create an annual schedule for board meetings and send reminders.
Board Packs
Circulate agendas, board packs, minutes, and track director engagement.
Service Provider Integration
Integrate lawyers and registrars to improve communication.
On-demand Access
Board packs, meeting recordings, and minutes are saved in Document Library.
INED Recruitment
We partner with industry associations to provide curated independent directors.

Enable High Performance

Strong Investor Relations

Build trust with a transparent board which respects shareholder rights and delivers on commitments.

Enhance Valuation

Improve company performance by attracting expert directors and focusing on value creation.

Increase Efficiency

Save time by streamlining board management and communication.

Frequently asked questions

What types of meetings can you accommodate?

The board portal supports physical, hybrid, and digital meetings using Teams and Zoom integrations.

Is our data secure?

Yes, the Eurostep platform is built to high security standards. Data is shared only to approved users with appropriate controls, audit trail and cyber security.

Can we integrate directors?

Yes, directors can be given access to the platform to view agendas, board packs, recordings, and other critical data.

Do you support board voting?

No, at present there is no electronic voting component however this is on our roadmap.

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