Cap Table Reporting

Cap Table Reporting

Integrated digital share register and investor contacts simplify equity management, saving you time and building shareholder trust.

Features at a Glance

Covers issued share capital, options, warrants and other equity instruments.
Digital Register
Secure management of shareholder contact and holding details.
Cap Table Reporting
Detailed capital table available in Dashboard, summary in Newsletter.
Service Provider Integration
Integrate lawyers, registrars, and other shareholder representatives.
Flawless Admin
Automation and checks ensure your equity management is efficient and error free.
Data Governance
User permissions, encryption and audit trails secure your data.

Access More Capital

Accurate Records

Precise management of share ownership ensures fair treatment of all shareholders.

High Trust

Regular and transparent capital table reporting creates strong investor relations.

Increase Efficiency

Smart automation eliminates errors and frees-up time for value creation.

Frequently asked questions

What types of instruments are included?

We cover issued share capital plus convertible instruments such as options and warrants.

How do you ensure confidentiality?

The Eurostep platform has high levels of security. We also recommend that only the super-user has rights to manage the capital table.

What is reported?

Companies receive a detailed capital table record in the Dashboard, Shareholders see a summarised version by category and % in the Newsletter.

Do you have an API with Carta?

Not yet, you enter capital table data manually or via Excel with our assistance.

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