Build Investor Trust

Build Investor Trust

Enrich reporting, build trust, and create sustainability with a corporate governance rating.

Features at a Glance

Robust Framework
Rating covers principles necessary to ensure good corporate governance.
Practical Guide
Understand investor requirements and help directors discharge their duties.
Traffic light system highlights strengths, weaknesses and roadmap to improve.
Rich Disclosures
Integrate rating into investor reporting to demonstrate commitment.
On-demand Access
Assessments are saved in Document Library for analysis and progress tracking.

Demonstrate Good Governance

ESG Friendly

Governance is the most important element of ESG, creating a measurable framework and high standards.

Enhance Valuation

Good governance avoids risk and delivers sustainable profitability, help you raise capital and valuation.

Strong Investor Relations

Build trust with a transparent approach based on investor needs.

Frequently asked questions

What does a corporate governance rating consider?

Our proprietary rating is based on eight principles which matter to investors: Directors, The Board, Accountability, Business Conduct, Remuneration, Risk Management, Disclosures, and Shareholder Relations.

Do our shareholders see the rating?

This depends on company policy, you can choose to share nothing, the traffic light scores or detailed results.

Can we integrate third party data?

No, at present the rating is purely a self-assessment of governance.

Do our board see the rating?

Yes, the purpose of the rating is to help the directors fulfil their duties and work effectively.

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