Digital Investor Events

Digital Investor Events

Digital presentations, funding roadshows, and AGMs make it easy to engage investors and build strong relations.

Features at a Glance

Host events in Teams and Zoom with simple integrations.
Customize event to maximize awareness of your event and company.
Attach Documents
Attach data in xls, doc, and pdf formats for better interactions.
One-click acceptance and event entry provide good user experience.
Engagement Tools
Analyze invitee responses and send reminders to ensure high engagement.
Flawless Administration
Analyze invitee responses and send reminders to ensure high engagement.

Build Strong Relations

Strong Investor Relations

Proactive, two-way communication improves investor engagement and builds trust.

Boost Investability

Demonstrated commitment to IR differentiates your company and supports access to funding on better terms.

Save Time

Smart automation makes it easy to arrange and host events, freeing-up time for value creation.

Frequently asked questions

What types of events are possible?

You can arrange recurring and on-demand events including results presentations, funding roadshows, and AGMs.

Can we attach data packs?

Yes, you can attach additional data in xls, doc and pdf formats for better context and interactions.

Does the investor attend the Digital Event for free?

Yes, investors can attend for free but must download Teams or Zoom to participate.

Is the event recorded?

Yes, you can save a copy of the event to the Document Library for investors and colleagues to view.

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