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Structure, enrich, and scale your client services with Integrity, the good governance platform

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Self-service document library

Document Library

Organize, secure and share critical Corporate Data with auditability to build better corporate governance.

Deliver seamless service with remote collaboration between companies, investors and advisors.

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Digital Reporting

Monthly Newsletters and On-demand IR Releases keep all parties informed and focused on sustainable value creation.

Intuitive templates help you and your clients report metrics, milestones and key events.

IR Release - Digital Reporting

Corporate Actions

Shareholder Meetings and Digital Bulletins provide notifications and data for upcoming votes and capital events.

Digital Events to manage the lifecycle of webinars, now with Zoom and Teams integrations.


INED Expertise

INED Advise provides easy access to corporate governance insights on a one-off basis.

INED Board ensures ongoing guidance to improve ESG credentials and build investor confidence.

INED Expertise - Quarterly Portfolio Performance chart
Corporate Governance Rating

Corporate Governance Ratings

Rating Scale helps your clients measure and optimize their corporate governance strategy to demonstrate ESG compliance.

Boost revenues by offering high-value investor relations and corporate governance services at scale with Integrity.

Journey with Integrity from Start-up to Exit

Organize Data

Structure corporate documents for a unified approach to reporting and compliance across your client base.

Better Service

Self-service and remote collaboration features enable digital client engagements.

Reduce Costs

Spend less time on admin and more time delivering high-quality service.

Access Innovation

Offer high-value investor relations and ESG services with a ready solution at scale.

Go Digital Today

Drowning in paper, spreadsheets and email? This wastes time and creates unnecessary risk.

Digitalization enables new data-driven models which are organized, innovative and resilient.

Structure, enrich and scale your client services with Integrity.

Who We Serve

Precise financial reporting creates trust with clients and investors. Integrity helps you deliver high-quality performance and compliance reports using intuitive templates and remote collaboration.
Shifting legal and regulatory regimes strain resources. Integrity organizes shareholder agreements, share certificates and corporate data for accurate and timely administration.
Volatile markets and demand for digital investor relations create the need for innovation. Integrity streamlines reporting and digital events to enrich your client engagements and investor relations.

ESis here. Integrity streamlines due diligence and follow-up to reduce risk, create sustainable returns and demonstrate strong corporate governance when marketing to Limited Partners and co-investors.

75% of start-ups fail before their ideas get off the ground. Integrity helps your portfolio companies build strong investor relations to access funding before they run out of runway.

INEDs are an essential element of good corporate governance. Integrity connects INEDs to companies and investors, helping them to deliver objective expertise and align stakeholders on value creation.

Integrity connects Investment Advisors to their funds, portfolio companies and professional services providers, ensuring good governance across the ecosystem and alignment on value creation.
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