VC and PE Investor Newsletter

VC and PE Investor Newsletter

Hassle-free Newsletters keep investors updated on performance, compliance and provide context on the bigger picture.

Features at a Glance

Create concise commentary for investors to ascertain performance and compliance.
Select free-flow text or templates, colors, and languages to create distinctive communications.
Engagement Tracking
Analyse investor engagement to measure effectiveness of investor relations.
Assign content creation to colleagues and professional service providers.
Attach Documents
Attach additional data such as financials or KPIs in xls, doc and pdf formats.
Integrated Contacts
Integrated investor contacts ensure newsletter issuance is efficient and error free.

Access More Capital

Build Strong Relations

High-quality reporting builds trust and creates regular two-way engagement.

Boost Investability

Demonstrated commitment to IR differentiates your company and supports access to funding on better terms.

Save Time

Smart automation makes it easy to prepare and share Newsletters, freeing-up time for value creation.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to create a template Newsletter?

Yes, you can create your own headings, colour scheme, language, frequency, etc and save this for future use.

What content should we include?

Investors are busy, they expect concise messages and consistency. Visit our blog for Newsletter best practices.

Does the investor receive the Newsletter for free?

Yes, investors get to read the Newsletter for free.

Can we use the Newsletter for the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive?

Yes, the Newsletter can include environmental, social, and governance content.

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